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Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are encouraged to volunteer when they can and are always welcome.  
Throughout the year we plan special events and invite parents to join in. Some of these events include, but are not limited to: muffin mornings, teas, concerts, sports days, and holiday celebrations. 

We also encourage parent involvement on our Board of Directors or a Society Committee. As members of the Society, parents are always invited to the Society’s Annual General Meeting. 

Community members are welcome to volunteer, the children love when others come to sing with them, read them stories, explore a new craft idea, share their talents, etc. All volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years of age.



We appreciate your donations! If you would like to donate, or have any questions, please call the Administration Office at 780-459-5380 or email us at

A charitable donation receipt will be automatically issued for any donation greater than $25.00.

Gently used toys & art materials

We’re looking for gently used toys & art supplies! If you have such items to donate, please bring them to reception, at the above address. We’ll be happy to put them to use! *** Please contact us before dropping off any items or if you have any questions about items we can accept. ***